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Lucky Bags

Lucky Bags

  • Discount up to 85% off
  • Please understand all the on sale items are final sales
  • The sale is for US customers only

What's Lucky Bag?

Lucky Bag(Fukubukuro,福袋) is originally invented in Japan. It is the annual sales promotion custom in which merchants make grab bags filled with unknown random contents and sell them for a substantial discount, usually 50% or more off the list price of the items contained within. 

    Diamond bag - FINALSale

    Diamond bag - FINAL

    On sale $ 399.00
    Silver bag - FINALSale

    Silver bag - FINAL

    On sale $ 99.00
    Gold bag - FINALSale

    Gold bag - FINAL

    On sale $ 199.00
    Platinum bag - FINALSale

    Platinum bag - FINAL

    On sale $ 299.00